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Psychologist-backed methods to help rid yourself of negative people

A man and a woman sitting at a table while both look very upset. The woman has her hand on her forehead and the man has his face resting on his fist.
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels and edited by the author.

Friends forever, am I right? Honestly, maybe not. There isn’t one person alive that has kept up with every single friend they’ve ever made in their lives. Think of all of those old friends you had at 5 or 10 years old. How many of them are still in your life now? I’m willing to bet that there are a few you’ve either forgotten the name of or completely dismissed from your memory.

Earlier this year I started to re-evaluate some of my long-time friendships. I love these people, but it really feels like there is nothing holding our friendship…

I think this feature could be a pretty big game-changer for how we promote our stories on the site

A close up picture of a person’s left eye.
Photo by Liam Welch on Unsplash; slightly edited by author

Medium has been going through quite a few changes recently. But then again Medium changes in some way every few months. However, these round of changes feel a little different to me, especially since Medium revealed that there will be a new option for the partner program starting sometime in August.

Medium has started to implement a new feature called lists. The new list feature seemed pretty unassuming at first. I noticed the little superscript that read “new” next to it in the drop-down menu for about a week now but still ignored it. Until today when I decided to…

So you can finally get back on schedule

A man is laying on the floor with a notebook open over his face with a pen in his left hand. The notebook has a question mark drawn on a page using a blue pen.
Photo by Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash and edited by the author.

At some point in many writers’ careers, they face an annoying phenomenon: writer’s block. It’s a frustrating concoction consisting of a lack of words coming to mind with an undeniable yearning to let all of your thoughts and ideas out for the entire world to enjoy. But, never fear! I have a few tips that have helped me with this pesky little problem and hope it helps you too.

Determine Which Type of Writer’s Block You Have

Usually, when I see articles on this topic the type of writer’s block is assumed to be that you have no ideas for your next article. …


Three women standing together in their underwear. Two women are over-weight, while the last woman is very thin.
Photo by Roberto Hund from Pexels

There are so many stereotypes and assumptions that come to mind when many people see a fat person. A few may be that the person is lazy, or they eat a lot of unhealthy foods and don’t care about their health. However, like every other stereotyped group, this may not be true for many overweight people.

A Healthy Start

When I was a child, fitness was always important in my household. My mom and brother used to go out for a morning jog together, and my sister and I would work out to fitness shows or videos. Often, my entire family would go…

A glass window that has “Welcome to LinkedIn” written on it in white.
Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

I’ve recently decided to create a LinkedIn account, in an effort to reach an audience that might be interested in my brand but would otherwise miss my content. After using LinkedIn for about a month, I really do believe that LinkedIn is one of the most underrated websites when it comes to brand-building strategies. Most people will tell you to use Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter to grow your brand.

LinkedIn has about 740 million users worldwide, with about 260 million active users monthly. It is 277% more effective at generating leads than Twitter and Facebook. I adamantly believe, if you’re…

Not all friends should be your friends forever

A woman sitting in a car looking off in the distance, as the male driver continues to talk in the background.
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they begin to realize that they’ve outgrown a relationship. I think I’ve just entered mine. I’ve moved around pretty frequently in my childhood, so most of my childhood friendships didn’t get the chance to expire. However, I’ve kept up with a few of my high school and college friends, that I am now questioning, “Are we even compatible anymore?” If you’ve found yourself questioning a friendship, here’s a list of signs you’ve outgrown it.

1. Your interactions feel draining or tense

Hanging out with your friends should be an enjoyable experience that you both look forward to. However, if…

The one big reason I’m not hearing discussed

A man, dressed in a yellow button-down shirt, is holding up a phone to his forehead that has the YouTube logo on the screen.
Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

For the last month or so I’ve been working on adding YouTube to my side hustle repertoire. While I was busy learning about YouTube best practices and picking a niche, I noticed something. This may be the best time to start a channel. Over the past year, I’ve noticed that YouTube has changed their algorithm. If you’ve been wanting to start a channel on YouTube but felt that the platform is too saturated, I have some great news for you!

The algorithm change, from what I could tell, happened early in the pandemic when the entire world was ordered to…

Tweet what you mean and mean what you tweet

A dark teal colored wall covered with a bird print pattern that has a neon sign that says “#tweet tweet.”
Photo by Chris J. Davis on Unsplash

Imagine you’ve just thought of the perfect tweet. You whip out your phone knowing that your followers will love it. It’s witty and topical. But just as you hit the tweet button, you realized that you’ve made a typo. And on Twitter, you don’t have an edit option. You either have to delete the original and create a corrected tweet or respond to the original with a correction.

It’s a topic that comes up every once in a while on Twitter. Sometimes it’s even protested on Twitter through a trending hashtag like #TwitterEditButton. …

Making the most out of your busy schedule

Three wooden wall clocks with different times on them. One says 11:30, the middle one says 12:34, and the last one says 2:53.
Photo: Andrew Seaman/Unsplash

While I am privileged to have a job right now, I still struggle with paying my student loans and the cost of living. This prompted me to see if I could turn my hobbies into profitable side hustles to help myself financially.

I have many interests that I would like to explore throughout my life, like developing apps, graphic design, and writing. But I didn’t have the time or energy to devote to these interests. My job regularly left me too exhausted to focus on any side hustles. It’s hard to find the time when you have obligations from family…

What we can do about food deserts

A display of red, yellow, green and orange peppers for sale at a supermarket for 88 cents.
Photo: NeONBRAND via Unsplash

Food insecurity is more often in the news since Covid-19 is making it worse. While problems can be easy to identify, what’s difficult is finding effective solutions. There are a few solutions to food deserts and food apartheid that are worth discussing, but first, let’s talk more about the problem.

What are food deserts?

In case you didn’t read my previous story, Food Deserts Were a Problem Before and Now They’re Getting Worse, an area is considered a food desert when a sizable portion (at least 500 people or 33 percent ) of the population living in a low-income census tract is about 1…

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